Damaged Terrazzo Floor Restored

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Back in the 1970s, for security reasons and to stop loitering, fences were installed upon the floor. As you can see in the images, there were ugly holes that needed to be patched. In addition, the overall appearance of the floor had become diminished with ground in dirt and grime, scratches, and other damage.


We had to remove all the bolts from the fences and patch the holes with color matched terrazzo. We then refinished the floor using progressive grits of diamond abrasives. The first images show the before and after patching and honing the floor to a smooth finish in preparation for polishing. The final image is after we polished and detail cleaned the floor.

Additional Info about Our Methods

For these type of restoration projects, we repair the stone by using color and aggregate matched terrazzo fill. We match the background color and then source the marble chips used in the original pour by having the sample analyzed. Once we get the materials we mix the terrazzo and overfilled the patch. We then grind, hone, and polish the polished area to blend into the existing floor.

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