Historic Terrazzo Repair and Restoration

  • Historic Preservation Terrazzo The train station at Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey was built in 1910.
  • Historic Preservation Terrazzo This image shows the badly damaged decorative tile border.
  • Historic Preservation Terrazzo Repairing the tile was painstaking work.
  • Historic Preservation Terrazzo As you can see, our tile repair process restored the original beauty of the decorative border.
  • Historic Preservation Terrazzo We use highly advanced technologies to achieve fantastic results.
  • Historic Preservation Terrazzo This image was taken during the initial stages of our terrazzo restoration process.
  • Historic Preservation Terrazzo Our highly trained technicians understand the unique properties of terrazzo.
  • Historic Preservation Terrazzo This AFTER image demonstrates the quality of our work.
  • Historic Preservation Terrazzo Here is another AFTER image of the restored terrazzo.
  • Historic Preservation Terrazzo This after image shows both the refinished terrazzo and the decorative tile border.
  • Historic Preservation Terrazzo With proper care, the terrazzo floor in this building will likely last for many decades, if not centuries.

Decades of Use Take Toll on Terrazzo

The terrazzo floor in a historic train station in Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey, originally built in 1910, was unsightly. The tile border had loose and missing pieces and the finish of the terrazzo was extremely dull and dirty looking.

The train station changed hands several times over the decades, serving as a real estate office, hardware store, interior design business, and role-playing games store. The building was eventually purchased by the Lake Hopatcong Foundation, which oversaw various restoration and preservation projects, including the roof, the stone parapets, and other surfaces, including the flooring, which was in poor condition.

Our Terrazzo Restoration Process

To repair the decorative border, we removed loose tiles, cleaned and prepped the substrate, reinstalled the tiles, and color matched the grout.

To dramatically improve the appearance of the terrazzo, we ground the stone to remove evidence of wear, scratches, and other damage, and then used a series of progressively finer grit diamond pads to give the floor a gorgeous, historically authentic honed finish. The final step in our terrazzo restoration process was to apply a clear, penetrating sealer to inhibit staining.

The train station is now on the National Register of Historic Places and New Jersey's similar state register, and we are very proud to have played a part of this important restoration project.

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