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Since 1989, we’ve proudly served NYC, NJ, and CT, consistently delivering remarkable results that enhance the beauty and charm of your floors and surfaces. Our work reflects your exceptional taste and elevates your space.

With unrivaled expertise in stone restoration, our team leads the region in knowledge and skill.

Our wide-ranging services cover various stone restoration finishes, revitalizing existing surfaces or creating entirely new ones for your floors, countertops, and more. We specialize in addressing diverse concerns, from leveling uneven floors to eradicating stubborn stains. Our pride lies in being among the few certified companies offering cutting-edge surface/etch protection treatments tailored for delicate stones like marble and onyx.

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Call: 888-509-5831

Natural Stone Restoration

Our traditional stone restoration refinishes worn or damaged marble, granite, travertine, limestone, and other natural stones, bringing them back to a like-new condition for various surfaces like counters, floors, and bath tile.

Protect Your Marble & Natural Stone Surfaces

Shield Your Marble & Natural Stone Surfaces with Our Protective Solutions: Experience the ease of maintaining your stone surfaces while ensuring their long-lasting protection. Our protection options offer benefits to homeowners, architects, designers, installers, and fabricators. If you believe your marble or natural stone could benefit from enhanced care, reach out to Stoneshine stone restoration today to discover more about our protective solutions.

Stoneshine really knows their craft. We had two of their workers Juan and Manny over to hone our granite kitchen counters and polish our marble shower floor. They did a great job making it look better than new. Also they were on time, neat and they politely answered all the questions we had about the process and future care.

N. Blair

Teaneck, New Jersey

Tips & Projects

What is “Traditional Stone Restoration”?

What is “Traditional Stone Restoration”?

As a leading stone restoration company serving New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, we specialize in refinishing and polishing natural stone surfaces to their original beauty or desired finish. We offer many services, but the core of our business is what's known as...

The Power of Advanced Marble Protection

The Power of Advanced Marble Protection

Your countertops are more than just functional surfaces; they're focal points that enhance the beauty and elegance of your space. However, the constant threat of oil spills, wine stains, and acidic substances like citrus can quickly tarnish their appearance and...

How Soft and Hard Water Impacts Marble Tile & Counters

How Soft and Hard Water Impacts Marble Tile & Counters

Marble has long been revered as a symbol of luxury, endurance and sophistication. From elegant countertops to intricate sculptures, marble is a key investment in countless homes and architectural masterpieces worldwide. However, despite its durability, marble is not...