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Is your granite counter cracked, chipped, or damaged? Fractured counters, especially granite, are often caused by hidden steel rods rusting over time. Stoneshine Stone Restoration specializes in expert repair, removing rusted sections and sealing them with high-strength epoxy. Our meticulous process ensures lasting results, using only quality adhesives. With over 30 years of experience, Stoneshine offers comprehensive services, including stain protection, polishing, and scratch repair. For ongoing maintenance, visit our sister company for specially designed products. Contact Stoneshine today to restore your countertop to its like-new condition.

Got damaged, chipped or cracked marble or stone countertops? Contact us for a free expert repair assessment.

professional counter chip crack repair NY NJ CTYour Granite Counters Can Look Like New

Is your once flawless granite counter now marred by an unsightly & unsanitary crack or cracks? You’re not alone. In fact, we estimate that thousands of counters in the tri-state area suffer from similar countertop damage. The good news is that Stoneshine Stone Restoration has some of the most advanced stone restoration knowledge in the country.

Why Do Granite Counters Crack?

The culprit behind your cracked counter is often a hidden steel rod used during its fabrication. This rod, intended for reinforcement, becomes the source of trouble as it rusts over time. As rust develops, it expands, gradually pushing the granite apart and causing visible cracks.

Expert Repair Can Restore Your Broken Granite

At Stoneshine, we’ve perfected the art of granite crack, chip and surface repair. Our process begins with meticulous inspection to pinpoint areas where the rusting rod must be removed. While it’s not always possible to extract the entire rod, we ensure that the rusted sections are removed and sealed with high-strength epoxy. This prevents further exposure to moisture, safeguarding your counter for years to come.

Experience the Stoneshine Difference

Our reviews say it all. 5 Stars and over 30 years in business, trust us to be there if you need follow up, have questions or need additional long term protection.

Professional Granite Crack Repair NJ NY CTComprehensive Granite Restoration Services

In addition to crack repair, Stoneshine offers a range of services to keep your granite counters looking their best. From stain protection and removal to polishing and scratch repair, we have the expertise to handle all your granite restoration needs.

Maintain Your Countertop Investment

Keep your granite counters pristine with the right care products. Visit our sister company, for information on cleaners and protectants specifically designed for natural stone surfaces.


How Long Does it Take to Repair Granite Countertops?

Most granite repair jobs take only a day or two to complete. Start your quote today. Don’t let a cracked granite counter limit the enjoyment of your kitchen or bathroom any longer. Contact Stoneshine Stone Restoration to schedule your repair and restore your counter to its former glory. Call now or book an estimate online to get started.

If your natural stone counters, floors & tile has become dingy, scratched, stained, or just dirty looking, it’s time to give us a call, (888)509-5831. 

For a free estimate on stone cleaning, sealing, polishing, repair, restoration, and refinishing in NJ, NY, and CT, contact us online or call (888) 509-5831 today.

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