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Pietra Cardosa is a type of natural stone called a schist, a coarse-grained metamorphic rock formed from layers of different minerals. Its beauty is not exactly maintenance free—it does require sealing about once a year to keep it looking pristine.

Sometimes mistaken for soapstone, Pietra Cardosa is a sandstone. It is very absorbent, so proper restoration and maintenance methods are incredibly important to ensure the ongoing beauty and elegance of this stone.

Common Problems & Solutions

The most important factor to consider with the maintenance of Pietra Cardosa is the possibility of staining. It requires a highly penetrating water-based sealer, instead of synthetic sealers or urethane.

Over the course of time, or with heavy traffic and use, dust, sand, and grit can scratch the surface of Pietra Cardosa, dulling the finish. We can restore its honed or polished appearance and repair virtually any type of damage, from chips and cracks to stain removal and more.

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