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Marble & Natural Stone Protection

Introducing an advanced solution specifically designed to safeguard surfaces against stains and etches caused by acidic substances like fruit juices, wine, improper cleaners such as bleach, cosmetics, and various other damaging agents.

Applied to marble, limestone, travertine, onyx, and concrete surfaces, this protective coating offers durable and visually appealing protection. Ideal for heavily used areas like countertops, conference tables, desks, and bar tops, this solution helps prevent premature wear and potential restoration expenses

Key Features and Benefits of Anti-Etch stone protection:

  • Prevents etching and staining.
  • Boasts a crystal-clear finish.
  • Applicable to marble, limestone, onyx, travertine, and concrete.
  • Suitable for honed, polished, and leathered surfaces.
  • Can be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Low odor during application.
  • Environmentally friendly and safe for food-contact surfaces.
  • Zero porosity, inhibiting germ and bacteria growth.
  • Resistant to cracking or peeling.
  • Easy maintenance and repair.
  • Expected 10-year durability.


Unlike temporary solutions like coasters or placemats that detract from the natural beauty of stone, this protective coating is unobtrusive, enhancing the stone’s appearance while providing robust protection.

Conventional sealers offer minimal defense against acidic substances, requiring frequent reapplication and providing only a brief window for spill cleanup. This protective solution eliminates the need for continuous resealing by acting as a barrier against acidic elements, a crucial advantage in both residential and commercial settings.

Commercially, it’s perfect for restaurants, wineries, hotel vanities, and more. For those in NJ, NY, and CT seeking a free estimate on application services, reach out online or call (888) 509-5831 today.

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