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Expert Concrete Polishing in NYC, NJ, CT

We do wonders with concrete polishing


Concrete polishing uses the latest equipment and technology, such as diamond abrasives, impregnating hardeners, color dyes, stains and micro top coatings, we bring the surface of dirty or old-looking concrete back to life. Whether you want a matte finish, a highly polished finish or something in between, we can refinish your concrete and give it the look you want. What type of concrete service do you need? Explore the many options below.

Working with concrete is truly like working on a blank canvas, the possibilities are endless. Using the latest equipment and technology, mechanically grinding the surface to expose aggregate or not, utilizing diamond abrasives, impregnating hardeners, color dyes, stains and micro top coatings to bring the surface to life.

What Are The Benefits?

With many benefits and an extensive life it reduces dusting, increases ambient lighting and decreases floor maintenance. It can be finished matte, highly polished or somewhere in between. We can refinish concrete in residences and commercial locations as well. We prefer to use a dry technique as opposed to wet.

Concrete surface services

  • Grinding Concrete
  • Honing
  • Repairs
  • Densify
  • Coloring
  • Sealing/Stain Protection
  • Coating-low and or high gloss
  • Honed concrete finish (satin/matte)
  • Polished concrete finish (glossy/glass-like)
  • Refinishing (restoring existing finish or changing the finish)
  • Concrete crack and chip repair
  • Concrete sealing and enhancing
  • Concrete stain removal
  • Ongoing maintenance

We are trusted experts in concrete polishing. Many homes and commercial, retail, or industrial properties sport polished concrete floors. If your concrete has become dingy, scratched, stained, or just dirty looking, it’s time to give us a call, (888)509-5831. 

For a free estimate on concrete cleaning, sealing, polishing, repair, restoration, and refinishing in NJ, NY, and CT, contact us online or call (888) 509-5831 today.

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