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countertop refinishing sealing repair NY NJ CTRestore your kitchen, bathroom, or business countertops to like new again with our expert restoration and protection services! Like any cherished feature, counters require maintenance to stay looking and performing their best. That’s where Stoneshine excels. We specialize in rejuvenating and safeguarding stone countertops throughout New York City, NJ, CT, and the surrounding areas.

Our team knows all about different kinds of stone, like granite, marble, and quartz. We can clean them up, make them shiny again, or even fix any cracks or chips.

Counter restoration and refinishing services:

  1. Cleaning: We’ll scrub away dirt and stains to make your countertops sparkle.
  2. Polishing: Got scratches or dull spots? We’ll buff them out to bring back the shine.
  3. Refinishing: Want a new look? We can change the finish or make it glossy, matte or anything in between.
  4. Repairs: Cracks or chips? We’ll patch them up so you can’t even tell they were there.
  5. Sealing & Coating Options: We can protect your countertops from stains and make them easier to clean.
  6. Restoration: If your countertops are really beat up, we’ll use special tools to make them look new again.
  7. Maintenance: Keep your countertops in top shape with our regular check-ups and fixes.

Types of Countertops We Work On:

At StoneShine, we take care of all kinds of stone countertops, from kitchen islands to restaurant bars with specific stone types including:

Get in Touch:

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For a FREE estimate on marble and natural stone polishing and restoration, marble and other surface protective treatments, tile and grout cleaning and sealing, concrete polishing and decorative concrete services throughout NY, NJ, and CT, contact us or call (888) 509-5831 today.

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