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Saltillo and Terracotta (Terra Cotta) are timeless, however time can get the best of these surfaces if not maintained properly. The waxes and polishes originally applied to these surfaces made them easy to clean and maintain for many years, buut now you can see the evidence of many years of buildup and soiling.

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Grout lines have become black and the tiles look soiled. This is the natural aging sequence of your saltillo and terracotta tiles. You needn’t replace them as they can be restored to or near their original finish. We will strip off years of waxes and soiling until we get the surface and grout lines clean. In most cases we will color seal the grout lines with a standard gray grout color and re-coat the surface with either a low gloss or high gloss, durable, resilient, easy to maintain and clean topical coating.

Slate encompasses a wide range of geological characteristics from roofing type quality (which of course is not porous) to other materials (that are quite porous) and can even contain some calcites. We will absolutely evaluate your slate, but in most cases a deep cleaning, color enhancing and or sealing will do the trick. Special attention is paid to grout lines.

Saltillo and Terracotta Services

  • Stripping
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Color Sealing
  • Re-Coloring
  • High gloss coating
  • Sealing/Stain Protection
  • Color Enhancings
  • Lippage Removal (Flattening)
  • Repairs

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