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We’re here to make your stone surfaces look amazing. As leaders in restoring natural stone in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, we specialize in marble, terrazzo, and other stone surfaces.

Whether you need a quote or want to discuss options, we offer services for businesses and buildings. We fix, polish, and maintain stone surfaces to keep them looking their best.

We do it all, from restoring and repairing to setting up maintenance plans that keep your floors looking great all the time.

Our services include:

  • Cleaning and polishing new installations\
  • Sealing for protection
  • Fixing chips and cracks
  • Changing stone finishes
  • Removing stains and scratches
    And more!


Our plans are often more economical than occasional fixes and keep your space looking new. Our skilled team knows how to care for floors, even in places like hotels or offices when guests or clients are in and out. We work after your busiest hours, so your space is ready for the day. Our trained team is insured and directly employed by us, ensuring quality work every time.

WHY CHOOSE US? We are the premier granite, marble, and natural stone and tile restoration company in the Tristate area. Our specialization lies in polishing, repair, sealing, cleaning, and renovation of marble, granite, terrazzo, and other natural stone and solid surfaces.

Catering to commercial building owners, architects, superintendents, facility managers, hotel managers, general contractors, and interior design companies, we provide unparalleled service and meticulous attention to detail.

Driven by our passion for stone, we offer innovative and practical solutions to the most challenging issues. We’re active members of top professional construction and design associations in the region, contributing consistently to programs supported by these communities. Start a free quote today!

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