Historic Train Station Terrazzo Restored to Former Glory in Lake Hopatcong

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At Lake Hopatcong’s historic train station, built in 1910, we’ve witnessed its evolution from a bustling transportation hub to a home for various businesses like real estate offices and hardware stores. Throughout these changes, one element stood the test of time—the terrazzo floor.

The terrazzo had seen better days, with loose tiles and a worn-out appearance. When the Lake Hopatcong Foundation took charge of the station’s restoration, we knew restoring this historical feature was essential.

Here’s how we approached the task: we meticulously fixed the loose tiles, matched the grout to the original design, and turned our attention to the terrazzo itself. Using a grinding process, we erased the wear and tear, bringing back its original luster. To safeguard it for the future, we applied a protective sealer.

Today, the train station proudly stands listed in the National Register of Historic Places and the New Jersey state register. This restoration project has revitalized an integral part of Lake Hopatcong’s rich history.

If you have terrazzo in need of care, whether it’s polishing, repairs, or a complete restoration, our team is here to assist you. Explore our Terrazzo Services page and reach out at (888) 509-5831.

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