Saltillo and Terra Cotta

Saltillo and terra cotta are timeless.

However, time can get the best of these surfaces if not maintained properly. The waxes and polishes originally applied to Saltillo, Mexican tiles, terra cotta, and pavers them easy to clean and maintain, but after many years, buildup and soiling becomes evident.

Grout lines may also become black with embedded dirt and grime. This is the natural aging sequence of your Saltillo and terra cotta tiles. You needn’t replace them as they can be restored to or near their original finish.

Stoneshine technicians strip off years of waxes and soiling until we get the surface and grout lines clean. In most cases we will color seal the grout lines with a standard gray grout color and re-coat the surface with either a low gloss or high gloss, durable, resilient, easy to maintain and clean topical coating.

We are trusted experts in NJ, NY, and CT for Saltillo, Mexican tile and terracotta care and restoration.

Deep Cleaning, Stripping, and Sealing

Many Mexican tile floors that appear to be in very poor condition just need a good heavy-duty cleaning to remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants that have become embedded in the existing sealer.

We use professional cleaning solutions and equipment to safely and effectively strip the tiles, creating a clean canvas free of dirt, scuff marks, and scratches.

After your tile is completely cleaned, we apply a sealer to protect and enhance the natural beauty of your floor or surface. We can achieve different looks with the type or amount of sealer we use, depending your preference.

Saltillo and other Tile Repairs

It's amazing the difference small repairs can make for the overall look of your tile. Are your tiles chipped? We can fill in the chipped area with fillers tinted to match the surrounding area.

Perhaps your repair needs are more extensive. Are your tiles cracked or broken? We can remove and replace these tiles, matching as closely as possible to the tile color and grout lines of the existing floor.

For a free estimate on Saltillo and Terra Cotta deep cleaning, sealing, stripping, repair, restoration, and refinishing in NJ, NY, and CT, contact us online or call (888) 509-5831 today.